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Something has changed with the Butter Golden cake mix since Thanksgiving 2017. My cakes are falling!

I have used the same recipe with this cake mix for over 25 years. You changed the size, which I figured out and adapted. But now you have changed something else. Please restore the mix to the original formula.

I am a baker and I use this cake mix in my best selling cakes. They are falling!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Duncan Hines Butter Golden Cake Mix.

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WOW -- this is an awful mix and it's 9:30 pm and I need to make cupcakes for an event tomorrow. They are disgusting.

They fell flat in the pans and I had to throw out 24 cupcakes. They felt like air when I was taking them out of the pans.

Pillsbury is so much better. Seriously now I have to run to the food store for another mix.


Please do not waste your time looking for this product. It is not the same quality anymore.

For me it was the best flour I had tasted for cupcakes and pound cake, but the company changed all the products in quantity and quality.

The cake rises well normal in the mold and when it is time to check if it is already cooked, it falls in the middle and often even overflows in the oven. My suggestion is to use Golden Butter flour from Pillsbury.


Please do not waste your time looking for this product. It is not the same quality anymore. It was the best flour I had tasted for cupcakes, but the company changed all the products in quantity and quality.


You are so right. I knew they had change something because mine started falling also.

Please change this back to the way ituse to be. Dissatisfied customer.


Do you know how many recipes rely on the correct amount of mixture being in the box? Return to original amount.

I'd rather pay more for what works than the same price for FAILURE. (if i could bold FAILURE, I would.)


I agree. I make a coconut cake from this and you have to freeze the layers and split them.

It was a crumbly mess.

My husband will eat it but I can’t take it to work. I will try Betty Crocker next.


thank you so much for this post. i thought i was going crazy.

i have been having the same problem since about that time. i have tried to adjust, but nothing is working, as well as before. my cakes are falling.

i'm going to try Betty Crocker and see what happens. can't be any worse.


I totally agree. Texture of cake is crumbly and dry.

My mom and I have used this cake mix for years.

Going to have to change! Why mess up a good thing?


I hate this new formula. I use to 10 boxes at a time now I don’t but any


New formula is awful. Cakes fall.

Have tried adding flour, subtracting oil, etc. Nothing works.


Cakes are still falling, has anyone heard of a fix?


Yes!!!!! It doesn't whip up like it use to!

It doesn't even taste the same - AT ALL!I've got a bunt in the oven and this is my last try.I'm so disgusted. This was my go to easy cake for 30+ years.


Today, I baked a golden cake. IT is the second time the cake felt.Can you tell me how a can correct this problem?For years I have been using this product and always came perfect.It is the second time we have problem with this product. The first time the butter quantity was miss printed in the box and now they are falling!!!


I have had the same experience the last few months as have 2 of my friends.We have been using the Golden Butter mix for well over 30 years and was always to count on a great Sour Cream Coffee. NO LONGER!The 3 of us live in different parts of the country and have been experiencing the same issue. At some point during baking it falls completely!WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THIS CAKE MIX?


Yesss! I thought it was just me!

OMGosh! It's horrible!


Friends & I have been making Sour Cream Pound Cake for years following the recipe for using Duncan Hines Golden Butter Cake Mix, cake falls every time, what is the change in cake mix? Very disappointed in Duncan Hines!!!

to Anonymous #1563808

I believe that Dunkin Hines has or had a contract with the Wilton Company and maybe there are problems between them for the original formula of the Golden Butter Cake Mix and the other products.


I’ve experienced the same problem. Same cake recipe for YEARS...25 plus. What happened?


Yes, we know ; your annual chocolate chip bundt cakes.

Blah, blah, blah.

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